10.1.1 Alternative for the futur simple

There is a simple alternative for the futur simple, which is also used quite more often in everyday life than the futur simple: the futur proche . It is a composed of the conjugated form of the verb aller (to go) and the infinitive. One could say it is the French version of the be-going-to-future.

Das futur composé  
  aller (to go) + infinitif
Je vais manger
Tu vas
Il va
Elle va
Nous allons
Vous allez
Ils vont

Je vais le faire. = I will do it.
Tu vas la connaître. = You will meet her.
Nous allons être heureux. = We will be happy.

Both, the futur simple and the futur composé describe actions in the future.

For people with knowledge of other Roman languages - here is a difference between Spanish and Italian on the one side and French on the other. French does not use a preposition:
Spanish: Voy a decirte una cosa.
Italian: Vada a dirti cualque cosa.
French: Je vais te dire quelque chose.

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